Store Small: 24 Small Enterprise Present Concepts

It’s the time to give, right?

It’s almost December and we’re officially in crazy gift shopping mode! However, due to delays in shopping and logistics, our gift shopping mode has a new setting: focus on small businesses.

It’s exciting to be on the hunt for the coolest gift, but we’re always drawn to the cool gifts that come from a small business. With the effects of the pandemic still taking its toll, small businesses are struggling more than ever. This Christmas season, we want to increase the importance of small-scale shopping – that’s why we’ve put together our favorites from small business owners with great talents!

So, with the spirit of the season, let’s do some shopping and give some support …

1. GWS x Erin Condren Wedding Planner ($ 35)

Our brand new GWS x Erin Condren softbound planners will change your wedding planning. Perfect gift for engaged friends or for you to not be so subtle! Tips for GWS experts in these gorgeous books – choose from these two floral cover designs. And – there is also a new vow book!

BUY IT @ Erin Condren

2. GWS x Erin Condren LifePlanner ($ 55)

You are not planning a wedding, but you love pretty floral things ?! Our LifePlanners are great for anyone who just wants to stay organized. Find the floral cover that best suits your gift recipient! We’re very into Tropical Neutrals Design right now 🙂

BUY IT @ Erin Condren

3.Golden stracciatella earrings ($ 53)

We’re just letting this floral theme go wild! Every piece of jewelry from Shop Moss Handmade is handmade with different petals in mind. We love these blushing tassel earrings too!

BUY IT @ Etsy: Gold Stracciatella Earrings

4. Alaffia Authentic African Black Soap ($ 14.99)

Empower African communities from your own resources with award-winning natural beauty products from Alaffia. The All-in-Authentic African Black Soap is a magical product and available in different fragrances (peppermint is a favorite).

BUY IT @ Alaffia

5th Fall Deluxe Bouquet ($ 85)

You could give this luxurious bouquet to someone as a gift … or you could keep it to yourself. We dont care! We love this man and woman duo in Cali who create dried bouquets and purposely curated gift boxes.

BUY IT @ Idlewild Floral Co.

6.Pick Flowers Not Fights Crew Neck from The Bee & The Fox ($ 33)

Never say no to a retro-inspired t-shirt … that’s our motto! You can find 1-100 styles you like at The Bee and The Fox – we don’t particularly love this shirt with flowers and fighting.

BUY IT @ Etsy: Pick Flowers Not Fights Crew Neck from The Bee & The Fox

7.Honey Sour Batched Cocktail ($ 20)

Give a bottle of handmade cocktail mix made from fresh, aromatic ingredients with no preservatives or additives. Withco Cocktails make the tastiest mixes like the Honey Sour, and it’s just so pretty.

BUY IT @ Withco cocktails: honey sour

8. Green garden ($ 58)

Anyone who sees this beauty will surely turn green with envy. As part of their most popular collection, the Green Garden is a flawless choice that will add a natural shade of green to any room.

BUY IT @ Lula’s garden: Green garden

Felt ornaments Kamala Harris Rbg Bob Dylan

9. Felt ornaments ($ 23.99)

These handcrafted felt ornaments are the perfect addition to your tree or to give away! Silk Road Bazaar Shop handcraft these all from New Jersey and we LOVE them! Choose from favorites like Kamala Harris, RBG, Dr. Fauci, Bob Dylan, Vincent Van Gough and many others!

BUY IT @ Etsy: SilkRoadBazaarShop

10.CUDDLE + KIND Ella the hand-knitted unicorn doll ($ 55)

Believe it or not, these cuddly, hand-knitted dolls enable talented craftswomen to find just and fair employment! For every ethically made hand-knitted doll purchased, children in need receive 10 meals. That means 1 doll = 10 meals!

BUY IT @ Amazon: Cuddle + child Ella the hand-knitted unicorn doll

11.Something good baking dish ($ 24)

Modern heirlooms with everyday charm. Artist, designer, and ceramist Molly Hatch is all about taking the traditional all over again and she is the genius behind these very cute cake plates + cake accessories (yes, that’s one thing).

BUY IT @ Molly Hatch: Something good baking dish

Opal stacking ring

12.Opal stacking rings ($ 118)

Oh, there are stacking rings in there – and they make great gifts! Dani Barbe designs beautiful raw stone jewelry (with ethically sound stones) for the modern bohemian. We are in love with these opal stacking rings!

BUY IT @ Etsy: Opal stacking rings

13. Hand Poured Candles ($ 22)

One of our favorite local paper shops, Urbanic Paper Boutique in Venice, had a rather difficult 2020 (we don’t all have). It feels good to support them online – especially because we love their hand-cast signature candles ($ 22) and those decorative matchboxes ($ 5.50) that make for the cutest gift sets!

BUY IT @ Urbanic Papter: signature hand-poured candles

14.Old Fashioned Dog Toy ($ 17.99)

OK what’s cuter? The dog or the old-fashioned cocktail toy. Here’s a perfect gift, printed in the Midwest, for dog and cocktail lovers. Raising Good also prints meaningful messages for kids like these Read Me a Story crews!

BUY IT @ Raising Good: Old-fashioned dog toys

15. Go to Yule Collection (from $ 12)

When you take a huge whiff of the always fascinating Zum products, you can feel good knowing that each of these products are made from pure, high quality, vegetarian ingredients. You smell amazing. Relax in these sweet smelling, sustainable gifts with your Christmas collection.

BUY IT @ Indigo Wild: Go to Yule

16. Sustainabar Starter Pack ($ 30)

Sustainabar is a sustainable beauty brand founded by two young sisters. Their mission is to replace all bottles with bars to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills each year. The Sustainabar Starter Pack contains shampoo, conditioner, washing-up liquid, hand soap and lotion. Get it, ladies!

BUY IT @ Sustainabar: starter pack

dip-dyed cups

17.Dish Glaze Danish Mug ($ 46)

We know! You have too many cups! But this Danish mug from Paper and Clay Studio with its signature glaze will make you want to replace all of your mugs!

BUY IT @ Etsy: Dipped glaze Danish cups

18. Sun Necklace Celestial Jewelry ($ 22)

The jewelry standard is the right place for petite jewelry lovers! Especially those who love heavenly details. You have so many delicate necklaces and earrings, but this sun necklace is a favorite!

BUY IT @ Etsy: Sun Necklace Celestial Jewelry

19. Terrazzo Serving Tray ($ 48)

There sells beautiful ceramics, ceramics and wood decor. They perfectly combine unexpected and modern shapes with natural and earthy colors. The terrazzo serving trays are the perfect gift for the entertainer on your list!

BUY IT @ Yonder: Terrazzo serving tray

20. Flowers Always Necklace ($ 26.99)

The Always Flowers necklace comes from illustrator Lee-Foster Wilson! Her Etsy shop has so many art prints and cards, and an array of cute and colorful lapel pins and jewelry, that she was made deep in the Cornish countryside of south west England.

BUY IT @ Etsy: flowers always necklace

21. Custom Family Portrait ($ 24)

Custom portraits are such a fun gift idea! Perfect for newlyweds, families, or you and your favorite pet!

BUY IT @ Etsy: Custom Family Portrait

22. Storey hats ($ 38)

Storied Hats started in late 2018 to change the hat game. These hats are made from the highest quality, most sustainable fabrics and are made in ethical facilities where people are treated with dignity and paid fairly. Always without a logo … so you can insert your own story!

BUY IT @ Storied Hats

Apothia candle

23.APOTHIA candle ($ 55)

We’ve said it before, but candles are the BEST gifts. APOTHIA is known for their amazing scents – Jen is currently burning the SOUL candle and her whole family loves the warm wood scent. Made in Los Angeles with a burn time of 60 hours, they are sulfate-free, paraben-free, cruel and non-toxic.

BUY IT @ Amazon: APOTHIA candle

Pour stoneware over them

24. Pour over stoneware star ($ 60)

This infusion was carefully designed by KatieMMudd (in Portland, OR) for your coffee needs. Handcrafted and thrown onto the steering wheel with earthy stoneware, this coating was developed for a normal-sized coffee cone. The peek-a-boo star design is the cherry on top. A beautiful piece to show off on your counter.

BUY IT @ Etsy: Dousing stoneware star

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