Stylish Vietnamese wedding ceremony inspiration with handcrafted particulars + native seashore city appeal

Whether you are hosting a wedding near or far, there is one thing that makes it special – the incorporation of local culture, traditions and landscapes into the day. That’s exactly why we love this Vietnamese wedding inspiration, which took place in the Shilla Monogram Quang Nam Da Nang with the real couple Sue + Mattia. It’s the perfect blueprint for how to look around for inspiration. Event designers, The Planners, left no stone unturned when it came to honoring their Vietnamese surroundings. There were crystal geodes that symbolized beauty and healing. Textured flowers and ruffled bedding nodded at the beach town landscape. They even had handmade candle holders in the shape of floating lanterns!

Given that the shoot is taking place in a Vietnamese beach town, we decided that it should have the local charm. The locations played a crucial role in the creativity and in the design of every single detail. Sourcing local materials not only meant a lot for the shoot, saved our budget, but also had an amazing impact on the overall look.

Phan Tien Photography captured the day beautifully. Let’s take a look!

Handwritten invitations

Vintage inspired invitation

Letters And Soul did the beautiful calligraphy on the wedding invitations, signage, menus and place cards. If you pay so much attention to these details, the handmade and sentimental feel will be amplified as the day progresses.

simple engagement ring

S’s raw wedding band is from Quartzaholic and goes perfectly with the gem and quartz theme we see in the decor:

The Marble Mountains in Danang is a well-known gem mine. In Vietnam, it is believed that natural gemstones and stones are only used for Feng Shui purposes as a healing power that helps to bring body, mind and spirit into harmony. On the other hand, we approached gems and stones just at their best – their natural color and luster, the way gems and stones bend light in different directions.

Modern Vietnamese wedding decor

Flower staircase

SM Flower Shop has pushed the boundaries of traditional Asian wedding decor, using a muted color palette of white, beige, brown, and purple. They also nodded to the rugged coastline, incorporating dried flowers and grasses.

Monochrome Vietnam Micro Wedding

Monochrome Vietnam Micro Wedding

Ceremony time

Monochrome Vietnam Micro Wedding

S + M shared a significant and sentimental moment during the ceremony shoot:

Our couple was supposed to get married in October but had to postpone until next year as most of their friends and families couldn’t fly to Vietnam due to Covid 19. We’d often make a joke that it was the Lord who gave them this little compensation.

Monochrome Vietnam Micro Wedding

Bold Vietnamese wedding dress

Monochrome Vietnam Micro Wedding

S looked effortlessly chic thanks to Baina Uchaeva who designed her hair and makeup looks. M wore a light brown suit by PAUL Bespoke Tailoring that complemented the entire decor perfectly.

embroidered wedding dress

The Hacchic Couture dress by S took the traditional Vietnamese wedding dress culture to its limits!

Instead of designing a new wedding dress, we decided to select the one in the outlet and redesign it. Initially, the dress we selected was designed to be worn with a simple dress. Instead, we styled it with a bare pair of underwear to highlight her body curves and nifty embroidery details on the top of the dress.

Bishop sleeve dress

Puff sleeve dress

Ocean inspired wedding table landscapes

Monochrome Vietnam Micro Wedding

The filigree table rentals all come from Allgoodthings Rentals & Styling and were specially selected to nod to the beauty of the venue.

Monochrome Vietnam Micro Wedding

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Danang is the beach with gentle waves. To illustrate the waves, we need something fluffy, wavy and layered. This is how we came up with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtailoring the table runner using two types of fabric and three different techniques to achieve the final effects.

One of the distinctive things about Hoi An is the colorful floating lanterns. This is a local charm that we want to add to the wedding. To match it with the monochrome palette, we chose handmade coconut paper as the material and instead of simply cutting it into shape we used origami art to maximize the craftsmanship of the decorative items.

Monochrome Vietnam Micro Wedding

Monochrome Vietnam Micro Wedding

These handcrafted candle holders are a fantastic detail and would turn out to be the perfect favor for guests!

Mint wedding cake

Ocean meets marble in this slightly cute wedding cake. It connects the general appearance of the decor. We love to see how much care has been put into sourcing local details for this Vietnamese wedding inspiration. We’d love to see more couples honor local cultures and traditions at their 2021 weddings!

Photography: Phan Tien // Venue: Shilla Monogram Quang Nam Da Nang, Quang Nam, Da Nang, Vietnam // Event design: The Planners // Planning: The Planners // Flowers: SM Flower Shop // Wedding dress: Hacchic Couture // Bridal ring : Quartzaholic – Handmade Jewelry & Gems // Hairdresser: Baina Uchaeva // Make-up artist: Baina Uchaeva // Groom’s clothing: PAUL Tailor-made tailoring // Videography: Kien’s collection // Calligraphy: Letters And Soul // Cake: Something sweet // Table rental: Allgoodthings Rentals & Styling // Violin artist: Rahmaan Phillip

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