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Teeth Straightening Kits, ITC - Is it Worth It?

Oct 4

Straightening of teeth can be a time consuming, difficult and expensive endeavor. Teeth straightening kits can greatly speed up the process while reducing the level of discomfort. There are numerous teeth straightening kits available. Some of these can only be used at home. Which one is best depends on the individual.

Straightening of teeth can be achieved in a number of ways. Two of the most popular ways are braces and Invisalign. Each has its pros and cons. Braces require that the patient use Invisalign, which is a long term dental regimen. The orthodontist is responsible for ensuring the condition of teeth, gums and bite throughout the therapy. These long term appointments can be expensive and may not be covered by insurance.

Invisalign consists of clear aligner treatment, which is a short term solution. Invisalign braces require less frequent visits to the orthodontist and patient. The clear aligner treatment can last from four to six months, although many patients have noticed improved results in as little as a week. While the teeth remain in their new positions, food often tastes better. This can be an all or nothing scenario, however, since some braces have been known to fall out during the course of the therapy.

A common alternative to traditional braces is teeth straightening using tooth colored Invisalign aligners. By wearing these, you can get rid of the gaps between teeth that traditional braces can leave behind. The aligners are almost invisible to others, which makes them perfect for people who don't want other people to notice their braces. By covering up the teeth, your smile will be much straighter. Invisalign has been used by thousands of people for this purpose.

The best teeth-whitening product and the most popular method is Invisalign. There are many good reasons for this, but there are also a few cons. The main pro is that this treatment is relatively inexpensive compared to other options, and Invisalign works remarkably well for most people. Many customers have been happy with the results.

Another pro is that there are no wires, brackets, screws or anything else that can be removed from the mouth. This is important because it ensures that teeth straightening doesn't compromise oral hygiene. Some other pros and cons of the different aligner brands include how long the treatment takes. Different aligner brands take longer to work than others, but they are usually effective. Also, some brands have a longer interval between treatments, while others have shorter ones.

A major downside of these devices is that they can't fix gaps between teeth. For instance, if there is a crack between your teeth, your dentist will not be able to relocate your teeth using Invisalign alone. Also, some of the new newer aligner brands don't work very well on metal teeth, such as crowns or metal guides.

While you can straighten your teeth at home with an invisible teeth whitener, you will probably need to see an orthodontic dentist for some corrections. Some people are comfortable with going to an office visit for this, because they have such good communication skills. Others are uncomfortable because they worry about not being able to keep the appointments. Still others have trouble imagining going to a dentist for something so routine. However, most people agree that at-home kits are much easier and less costly than going to an office.

There are still some drawbacks to at-home straightening kits that dentists can't ignore, even though most patients prefer them to offices. One major drawback is that it may be hard to make time for follow-up visits, such as cleanings and x-rays. Some dentists also have an overall more thorough treatment agenda, which some patients might prefer.

The best way to decide is to talk with a few different dentists to see which of them has a better treatment plan. Then you should get some in-office visits to see how well your impressions turn out. If your initial impressions are not that great, it might be a good idea to wait to get more in-office visits until your "first impression" turns out well. By having a more complete teeth treatment plan, you are more likely to avoid having to go back to your dentist for follow-up treatments.

The "iat" in ITC stands for "iatrogenetic teeth alignment treatment." This is a term that refers to the fact that the At-Home Clear Aligners and straighteners use tiny amounts of the same stuff that your dentist uses. This stuff is tiny enough to get past your front teeth and into the back teeth where it's supposed to stick and align. If your teeth are crooked or have gaps between them, then you will probably want to try a At-Home Clear Aligners treatment plan to straighten them out for good. The dentist can adjust the amount of stuff used in your teeth at any time, so you never have to worry about being tempted to "run out and get more".