The best way to escape in Huge Sur: With two garments + numerous pampas grass

Conan + Bria planned to get married in Austin before the pandemic derailed their plans. It’s a story we hear more and more from engaged couples: plans were made, plans were changed, plans were changed again … and then what? Eloping begins to enter the conversation and suddenly a whole new world of possibilities opens up. If there is just the two of you and you plan confidently, you can go almost anywhere! We’ve seen couples turn to the desert or the rooftop of a city, but for Conan + Bria they decided to flee in Big Sur.

The details were aware – they focused on mixing styles with each purchase to help small businesses. Bria shared: My style is super versatile, that’s why I wanted our wedding to take place too. Our day was a mix of new and vintage finds. We had pizza on the beach because it’s our favorite food.

Oh So Brittnee’s beautiful design + flowers included a stunning bouquet of pampas grass, a cliff altar and a romantic picnic on the beach. And let’s not even start with Bria’s two stunning dresses !!

Bruna Kitchen Photography was on hand to capture all the intimate details of the dreamy Big Sur kidnapping. Let’s have a look!

The Seaside Pamas Grass Altar

After Oh So Brittnee searched for the perfect spot, she set up a pampas grass backdrop to frame the couple.

Bride in blue

And you thought the view was a sight to see ?! Bria made her debut in one of our faaaaavorite dresses. A blue dress from the Rue de Seine from a & bé bridal shop that is just perfect for a ceremony by the sea!

The first look

The look we live for !!

So good. How perfect is this moment ?!

Vows forever

Katie Goggans Designs’ vow books are the coolest! And check out these rings from Raw By Olivia Mar … um, GORGEOUS.

When I went down to him for our first look, we could hear the seals on the rocks calling each other. I felt like a mermaid and then my prince turned around and he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Conan, having made his vows, is barely a second.

Okay we love her.

Close up of this pampas grass bouquet by Oh so Brittnee! The textures and tones are perfect.

Change of scenery

Bria mixed it up with a second stunning dress! The tiered dress with a corset-like top by Blammo Biamo and Milena’s Bridal made for THE most breathtaking Big Sur elopement portraits.

It’s just so romantic!

Favorite Favorite Favorite.

If you’re escaping in Big Sur – a glamorous picnic is a must

No Big Sur Elopement is complete without a photo-worthy picnic on the beach! (That goes with your dress, nothing less.)

My first piece of advice to brides planning an escape during the pandemic is to go with the flow. We originally planned an intimate ceremony with close family and friends in Austin, Texas. We changed our plans over the course of a few months and decided to go to Big Sur a month before the wedding.

Second, do your research and arrive early to find a place. Certain parks have been closed due to forest fires and there were certain restrictions due to Covid. We spent weeks researching all of our trips and expenses to make sure there weren’t any major surprises on our wedding day. We spent the whole day checking the locations and figuring out where the sun would hit during the scheduled time. That was incredibly helpful. The day we knew exactly where we were going, we used every bit of sunlight to our advantage.

What a dream these two. If you’re wondering how to escape in Big Sur, this is how to do it. To Conan + Bria, all our congratulations !!

Photography: Bruna Kitchen Photography // Event Design: Oh So Brittnee // Flowers: Oh So Brittnee // Wedding Dress: Rue de Seine // Wedding Dress Boutique: a & bé Dallas // Hairpiece: Oh So Brittnee // Bridal Shoes: Steve Madden // Bridal Ring: Raw By Olivia Mar // Hairdresser: Bride // Makeup Artist: Bride // Groom Clothes: ASOS // Groom Shoes: ASOS // Groom Ring: Raw By Olivia Mar // Calligraphy: Katie Goggans Designs // Desserts: Parker Lusseau (Macarons) // Table rental: Oh So Britnee // Linen rental: Oh So Britnee // Models: Bria Rowley and Conan Rowley // White dress: Blammo Biamo // Changes: Changed for the altar // Earrings: Tasha August Studio // Bracelets: Crystal Rock Shop // Necklace: Bauble Sky // Agate Cards: The Hollow Geode // Boutique for white dresses: Milena’s Bridal

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