The best way to plan a world wedding ceremony that’s a lot nearer to your house

With international travel bands due to COVID-19, couples across the United States are forced to keep their weddings local, including their originally scheduled destination celebrations. The good news is, you don’t have to miss out on the breathtaking, exotic feelings that emanate from an international wedding venue! That’s right, a home wedding.

The planning and design team at Indigo Event Design are getting incredibly creative as they wonderfully show how you can plan an international wedding that is * sure * much closer to your home! With a strong cultural foundation, exotic flowers and avant-garde details, this editorial will get you double (maybe even triple) shot.

Between the stunning photography by Carlos Hernandez and the utopian backdrop of the Chinese Garden, you won’t believe this is all set in Portland, Oregon. Are you already an international wedding believer ?! Just keep scrolling …

Tip # 1: Get creative with your venue

Destination wedding in your hometown

First, imagine the international destination you were hoping for. Think about what drew you to this place. Maybe the feeling of calm, the exotic surroundings or the attraction to your cultural roots? Second, choose a local venue based on these feelings and environmental factors. Don’t be afraid to look beyond the typical wedding venues! Think of cultural centers, museums and gardens.

If you looked at these surroundings, would you think the hustle and bustle of downtown Portland is nearby? The gardens, the koi pond and the breathtaking Chinese architecture transform the feeling of a big city into a calm oasis. These types of transformative cultural treasures are everywhere in the US!

Vintage invitation

Set the tone early. Set the tone from the start to plan a wedding that has all of the excitement of a destination wedding! Fill your invitations with elements of your destination. Stick to subtle tones, images, and symbols that can be included in your invitations. The Chinese symbol of double happiness is used in this wedding stationery from Olumis Calligraphy.

Wedding fan

Tip # 2: Make a fashion statement

Amsale dress

If you want to wear a wedding dress that gives a nod to your travel destination or cultural roots, stay away from anything that looks like a costume. Choose a dress that was made at your destination or by someone who lived there! So excited about this modern, figure-hugging Amsale dress.

Destination wedding in your hometown

Orchid hairpiece

There are tons of hair accessories that can transform your outfit. We are obsessed with that modern floral touch on a traditional Chinese hairpiece / headpiece. Selva Floral blows the lid off exotic flowers with these creative designs. Looking for the classic hairpiece style? Keep scrolling, dear.

Destination wedding in your hometown

Take into account the colors, symbols, and traditions that are common to your culture’s bridal attire. It is important to know that it is common practice in China to wear at least one red dress. Red stands for luck and strength and is a symbol of luck. This bridal look is from Poshmark.

Floral hairpiece

Destination wedding in your hometown

Destination wedding in your hometown

Tip # 3: focus on the details

Tassel napkins

Destination wedding in your hometown

When planning a home wedding in an international destination, pay attention to the smallest details. You’re trying to give your guests a full experience, not just something pretty. Even the napkins draw guests into the ancient Chinese landscape. To demonstrate that intent, check out these vintage Chinese embroidered silk napkins. Special events can be rented through The Party Place.

white wedding cake

Talk about details! You can’t see it at first sight. If you take a closer look, you can even spot koi fish. These fish are important in the Chinese tradition. Koi fish are hidden under the rice paper designs on this wedding cake from Cake Nouveau PDX. If this is what your wedding cake looks like at home, you are golden!

Tip # 4: stay away from the cliché

Destination wedding in your hometown

Avoid creating an overly themed wedding when trying to host an international wedding in your hometown. If you want a high-end wedding without kitsch, add elements of your destination that have an exotic feel without being literal. Make sure that each decor is used on purpose!

With this video, Moving Pictures gives us moving ideas for international wedding weddings at home. Reference it often 🙂

Until we can all travel safely, there is no shame in obsessing over a destination wedding game!

Photography: Carlos Hernandez Photo // Name of the venue: Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland, Oregon, USA // Event design: Indigo Event design // Planning: Indigo Event design // Flowers: Selva Floral // Wedding dress: Amsale // Hairpiece: Erica Elizabeth Designs // Hairdresser: Shelby Renee xoxo // Make-up artist: Shelby Renee xoxo // Videography: Moving images // Paper goods: Olumis Calligraphy // Cake: Cake Nouveau PDX // Special rental: The Party Place // Models: Lili Tao and Margaret Alba / / Wedding submission services: Published + Pretty

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