The bride wore a mini sleeved marriage ceremony gown for this romantic metropolis of elopement

Have you ever wondered if you should just cancel the wedding and flee? Sure, it might sound like a disappointment at first, but we’ve kept seeing couples decide to flee with no regrets. Eloping doesn’t mean you have to cancel the big party later. Instead, it gives you a chance to celebrate your love now. Erik + Elizabeth went one step further by secretly escaping, they in an adorable mini wedding dress with sleeves, nothing less. But – it was a long way there:

We should get married in Santorini in May 2020. We postponed our wedding to October, but that was also canceled. Then we were planning a small wedding in St. Petersburg, Florida in November with an intimate group of family and friends – but that was canceled a week earlier! At that point we had been engaged for over two years and together for eight years. In June, I also suffered the loss of my grandfather, which led me to get married even more to share photos with family and friends. We were so devastated that our special day just dragged on. So we snuck to the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club in Jacksonville and escaped to a rooftop downtown!

Erik + Elizabeth worked closely with their photographer Halle Morgan and videographer Colin Goodman to design and plan their designs. Their goal was to just “go with the flow” and thanks to their great providers all they knew was that the day would be perfect.

And oh did it. Let’s take a look!

Here comes the … mini wedding dress with sleeves!

You’re probably here for ALL the details about this dress, right ?! It’s the Mini Caspian from Odylyne The Ceremony … and it’s perhaps the most perfect elopement dress ever.

First the dress, then you met us with this Buff + Blush bouquet from Bloom Shakalaka ?! Can’t cope.

Rooftop ceremony in Jacksonville

We’re spying on a cute little puppy …

1. Facetiming our parents to surprise them with our escape! Your reactions have been priceless!
2. We have our dog Bailey with us. She’s been a part of our relationship since day 1 so it meant the absolute world to have her with us!

In all honesty, she’s the most beautiful bridesmaid we’ve ever seen.

Yay! Who needs Greece ?!

City love

Elizabeth’s glamorous do by Blush and Mane went oh so perfectly with a classic cat eye by Lia Croke!

If you are looking for a wedding dress (or elopement dress) that is fashionable and fun like our girl here, then here is our list of favorite dresses for 2021 brides!

So let’s hear it from these two: should you cancel the wedding and flee?

My advice to the brides – if your wedding has been postponed and you’re considering fleeing first, do it! It’s a unique and special day that will keep you hooked until your big day! It’s a great opportunity to have fun, make the day about your love and be a bride twice too! I mean who doesn’t want that?

Our private kidnapping was a special moment in which we could celebrate our love and how it got even stronger after such a tough year. It’s true, love conquers everyone and I am so glad we made the decision to escape, but I definitely can’t wait for the day to be celebrated safely with friends and family!

Knowing the photos alone would make you want more, here’s a gorgeous video by Colin Goodman to wrap it all up! Congratulations to Erik + Elizabeth!

Photography: Halle Morgan // Flowers: Bloom Shakalaka // Wedding dress: Odylyne The ceremony – The Mini-Caspian // Bridal ring: Sirciam Jewelry // Hairdresser: Blush and Mane // Make-up artist: Lia Croke // Groom ring: Juste // Videography: Colin Goodman // officiating: Pastor Bob Hovey // earrings: AB ELLIE

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