The marriage cake flavors that you have to strive

We all agree that cake tasting is one of the best jobs in the wedding planning process! That is, until you actually have to decide on a taste and a million baked goods questions pop up in your head. Is there such a thing as too cute? Are the more traditional flavors too simple? Do I just have to stick to one taste? Well, we’re here to put the fun back into choosing your wedding cake! Before getting into a state of cake disaster, make sure to check out the wedding cake flavors that you must try!

Romantic roses …

Nothing says romance like roses, so incorporate that philosophy into your big day by opting for a rose-flavored cake! Rose cakes are delicately sweet without being a total sugar overload. Plus, you can take that cake flavor to the next level by incorporating some gorgeous pressed flowers in! Adding an abundance of pressed roses to your floral-flavored cake is not only themed and overly romantic, but also a refreshing change from the traditional fresh blooms that often adorn wedding cakes.

A little crazy….

We’re totally crazy about pistachio-flavored wedding cakes! If you want to keep your cake selections natural, light, and fresh, it’s time for you to get nutty about this unique flavor too. Combine this choice with a rose water buttercream frosting for a sweet wedding treat that will make your guests come back for seconds and thirds!

Funfetti filled celebration …

The funfetti cake trend doesn’t just apply to birthdays. It has the power to celebrate any celebration from polite mingling to fun party mood! This fun-loving aroma offers the classic taste of vanilla, but with a colorful twist … it’s packed with vibrant rainbow sprinkles! You can keep things classic by pairing this cake with vanilla frosting, or you can let your imagination run wild and choose a noticeable frosting flavor like lemon or strawberry. This cake selection is sure to put a smile on every guest’s face!

Time for tea….

You may think Earl Gray tea is a drink best enjoyed with cake rather than a main event, but that flavor is taking the wedding cake world by storm! This quintessentially British flavor creates a delicate and fragrant sponge that won’t overwhelm your guests’ taste buds too much. Serve your Earl Gray cake with strawberries and whipped cream for an elegant high tea atmosphere!

Chocolate meets cherry….

If you’re the type of bride who wants a rich and indulgent wedding cake, then opting for a Black Forest is for you! Although a Black Forest looks like a regular old chocolate cake, it has a flavorful twist. Known for its tempting cherry filling, this cake will definitely make you lick your spoon and reach for a second slice!

Matcha Made In Heaven….

In the last few years the world seems to have gone crazy for Matcha and we can understand why! Green tea wedding cakes will be just as popular in this new decade. Not only is the taste fascinatingly delicious, but the unique color of this cake is perfect for any couple planning a wedding that advocates organic beauty and natural colors.

Pop The Pink Bubbles …

Do you have your cake and … are you drinking it too? We’re just loving the trend for pink champagne cake! Not only is it a deliciously saucy cake flavor, but the end result is almost too pretty to eat. This rosy cake is fun, flirty, and romantic, which makes it absolutely instagrammable and perfect for your wedding day!

Citrus Delights …

If you are planning a summer wedding, opt for a cake flavor that exudes joie de vivre and fun in the sun. Lemon and orange are the perfect flavors for a sunny festival. Combine these flavors for an irresistible citrus combo, or alternate flavors in the different layers if you go for a tiered wedding cake. Top the cake with orange wedges, lemon wedges and zesty meringues to get the cake of summer dreams.

Sweet like honey…

Honey may seem like an odd choice for a wedding cake flavor, but this beloved flavor is sure to delight your sugar-loving guests! This taste channels all sweetness without being too sick. The light fluffiness of the cake paired with the delicious syrupy taste melts on the tongues of your guests. Decorate your honey-flavored wedding cake with a sweet, syrupy drop and a number of pampering honeycombs.

Now that you know about the wedding cake flavors that you need to try, it’s time to check out more gorgeous cake ideas here!

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