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The social gathering favors you want at a bachelorette social gathering

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August 16, 2019

The party favors you need at a bachelorette party

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If you're planning the bachelor party, we know that managing multiple personalities and expectations can be a bit hectic. But there is nothing better than a good goodie bag to get started with your right foot! Whether you're starting the bride's last rodeo or approaching the bachelorette party pool, we have bachelorette party gifts that every girl will love. And everyone will also be able to use them during the weekend celebrations! We teamed up with Koozie® brand to create custom can coolers that keep your drinks cool while you celebrate your girl! We had fun designing this bachelor party Koozie® can cooler with word games based on popular goals and bachelorette party activities. This is an entertaining method, but you can also model it on the model of the bride herself or her wedding hashtag – the possibilities are endless! Feel free to copy our designs for a little inspiration …

If you go wine tasting …

Bachelorette Party Favors, Bachelorette Party KooziesBachelorette Party Favors, Bachelorette Party Koozies

Napa, someone? There is nothing better than sharing stories with the bridesmaids about a bottle of rosé or cans of it. We designed the perfect koozie® can be cooler to keep your lighter varieties chilled in a matching Merlot shade. "Say you're going to be wine?" Once received, there is no chance that the ladies will say no!

If you go to Mexico …

Bachelorette Party Favors, Bachelorette Party Koozies

Yes! Yes! Yes! Margaritas with my señoritas is the epitome of a Bachelorette bash in Cabo or elsewhere in Mexico. We designed this sweet koozie with maracas and a lime® can have and keep cooler and keep our beers cold.

If you go country …

Bachelorette Party Favors, Bachelorette Party KooziesBachelorette Party Favors, Bachelorette Party Koozies

Maybe it's Austin, Texas or a country music festival. In any case, your bachelor party in this country needs this "Roped in Forever" koozie® Can cooler. How cute are you ?! They keep your drink cool while you boot, scoot and boogie or ride the bull. YeeHaw!

Bachelorette Party Favors, Bachelorette Party Koozies

Isn't that fun? We also love the idea of ​​giving customized Koozie® can cooler as wedding favors! Thanks to the full customization, they are the perfect way to leave your wedding guests a tangible reminder of your big day. Let them experience the #Koozielife, AKA drinks that both look and stay cool.

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