The very best Christmas playing cards in every class for 2020

Are you thinking about sending out Christmas cards in 2020? Perhaps you have a new list of addresses in your “wedding guest” files. Maybe you just long for a way to connect with family and friends that you’ve wanted to see before this holiday season … well, you know.

Christmas cards have always been a fun way to end the year with a pretty bow, but 2020 gives a whole new meaning to warm Christmas greetings. Maybe it’s a good time to hire a photographer and do a little makeup to make yourself feel like a person. Or maybe it just sounds too much when you’re going through all the fuss. You have a year’s worth of memories on your phone and you can (and should!) Use them. Nobody is looking for the perfect, so slap a selfie on this card and send it with all your love. The world could use a little love.

To help you, we’ve selected our favorite Christmas cards that we can customize and send out in 2020.

Best photo card

just married christmas card
Chic minimal photo card – embossed

Best minimal design

modern minimal christmas card
Minimal Christmas card – embossed

Best funny 2020 Christmas card

funny Christmas card
Everything is fine Christmas card – embossed

Best modern vacation design

Modern art vacation cardFunny Christmas card – embossed

Best new year card

Happy new year card2021 New Year Card – Basic Invite
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Best whimsical design

Family vacation card outfitsHoliday Stars Card – Basic Invitation
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Best Hannukah card

Hanukkah Christmas cardMinimal Menorah Hanukkah Card – Artifact Riot

Best long form card

Multi-image Christmas card
3-picture New Year Card – Artifact Riot

Best thought-out design

minimal christmas cardSimple Bow Holiday Card – Artifact Riot

Best for good wishes

simple christmas card
Well-Wishes Holiday Card – Artifact Riot

Best Holiday Glam Card

glamorous christmas card
Magnolia Border Holiday Card – Artifact Riot

Best multi-image card

Multi-image Christmas card
Simple multi-image grid map – artifact rebellion

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