This Amangiri Desert Elopement reveals you easy methods to plan the right Zoom wedding ceremony

Would you like to plan the perfect Zoom wedding and still include your loved ones in the day? You have come to the right place, because Stephanie + Justens Amangiri Elopement is a breathtaking mix of breathtaking views, trendy style and intimate moments between near and far. This is what many weddings look like these days. So when you are trying to take control of the wedding planning, just know you are not alone! It may seem daunting, but this is where the superstar design team at S + J, Mae & Co. Creative, come in to help:

In addition to designing and creating this amangiri elopement, we loved planning out all of the nuanced timings and events throughout the day. We helped the couple create a zoom experience where loved ones could not only watch but also participate in the elopement. We set up iPhones, tripods, and microphones to make sure guests are practically there to experience every moment – from hearing the waves of live music as Stephanie walked down the aisle to turning them on to be comfortably off To give a toast home from. We loved being able to create connections between our couple and their guests, both near and far.

Are you ready to see Laurken Kendall’s beautiful pictures and get the best tips to help plan the perfect wedding during Covid? If that’s a yes, then let’s keep scrolling!

3 tips for planning the perfect Zoom wedding

Tip 1: release your expectations

Planning a wedding at any time can be a high stress situation, but planning during a pandemic can lead to an even deeper fear. The planners at S + J want to remind couples what is really important on the wedding day:

This is certainly an unprecedented time, but remember that regardless of what goes according to plan or not, you will marry the love of your life and at the end of the day that is all that matters. So be flexible and enjoy the uncertainties – they will make your day even more memorable.

Desert elopement wedding dress

S wow’d in the most spectacular floral wedding dress with sleeves and applications. It adds such a lovely texture to the neutral wedding anniversary decor. Shop more appliquéd wedding dresses below:

I love these face masks for him and her! Whether you want to go beyond the essentials or keep things simple, here is a list of more face masks to wear on your wedding day.

Ceremonial arch with pampas grass + dried palm trees

Color Theory Design created the perfect neutral backdrop to add some floral fun to the arid desert backdrop.

Tip 2: Your wedding has no time limit

If you want lots of people at your wedding, you deserve it. So move. Or go through the courthouse, hold a civil ceremony, and have a big party the following year. There is no time limit for your wedding day. So think about what’s important to you and wait when you have to wait. I know it’s hard, but if all of your friends and family are making your heart sing … you deserve to have this.

How to plan the perfect Zoom wedding with Wedfuly

S + J used Wedfuly to set up their virtual live stream on the wedding day. With several cameras and microphones, they were able to capture special moments from the intro music of the ceremony to the last dance of the reception. You can find more information about the livestream of your wedding day here!

S was bohemian bridal perfection on the wedding day with Sara Ajdahim hair and makeup. Her beautiful waves complement her breathtaking train wonderfully!

Tip 3: remember this is YOUR day

Remember this is your day. Even if there are only 20 people, you can give it your all. It’s still just as special and it’s still just as meaningful. You don’t have to skimp on details, music, or flowers just because your guest count is low – if anything, this should be the perfect time to go into the details as you get smaller on the guest count.

Plan the perfect Zoom wedding reception

The FWR Rental House brought elegant rentals like all white tables and seating, as well as structured and natural table rentals.

I love the mix of textures in the table landscapes !!

S + J brought so many fun, interactive moments to their reception including Talia Koval to create a live painting. It just goes to show that even though you have a smaller guest list, you don’t have to miss out on the fun and personal moments.

Congratulations Stephanie and Justen! We are sure that your dreamy desert getaway will help other couples plan the perfect Zoom wedding day. The GWS team wishes you both the best that married life has to offer!

Photography: Laurken Kendall // Name of the venue: Amangiri, Canyon Point, Utah, USA // Event design: Mae & Co Creative // ​​Planning: Mae & Co Creative // ​​Flowers: Color Theory Design // Hairdresser: Sara Ajdahim // Make-up artist: Sara Ajdahim // Videography: Stanton Giles // Special rental: FWR Rental Haus // Music: Skylight City String Quartet // Live painter: Talia Koval // Zoom ceremony: Wedfuly

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