Top Cake Smash Outfit Ideas for Your Baby

We have so many cake outfit ideas for your baby! The list can go on for days. However, we’ve come up with the top 3 looks that we think are best when it’s time for your little one to eat their first piece of cake.

The classic romper! Our babies lived in one for the past year. There’s no better way to remember her favorite outfit by putting her in one when she tries her first cake. Our baby here had a bespoke one for that special occasion! Her name adorned her romper as she dug into her candy!

Disguised clothes! We think it is also fun to dress up for the occasion. As adults, we dress up to go out to a fancy dinner. So why not get dressed when we try your first cake?

Birthday suit! The perfect outfit to get in and get messy! Our baby here had to dip his pinky fingers, toes, and face in the cake without anyone wondering how they were going to clean up the mess!

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