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Wedding Flower Guide

Apr 9

The use of wedding flowers dates back to the time when Roman brides wore garlands to symbolise fresh beginnings. There's something deeply romantic and often appealing to the eye about natural floristry.


But where do you begin when it comes to picking your wedding flowers if you're not a botanic expert? Three experienced wedding florists share their knowledge and advice on how to choose the right ones for you and what mistakes to avoid.


With so many specifics to consider, having a set budget for your wedding flowers is important. You should plan to spend between 10-15% of your wedding budget on those lovely flowers. If flowers are your primary source of decoration, you may want to budget a little more.


Also, keep in mind that more costly does not always imply larger. The cost of the flowers is determined by their importance rather than their size.


Floral Crown for the Bride or Hair Flowers

This is an optional arrangement, but if you're going this direction, it should be a top priority. If you're going to wear flowers as hair accessories, you'll want to make sure they're perfect. After all, they can be photographed even more than the bouquet.


Bouquets for Bridesmaids


The bridesmaid bouquets are easily the second most appropriate arrangement after the bride's bouquet. Of course, you are under no obligation to have them, but many couples do. They're also great for taking pictures with the bridesmaids.


Bouquet Tossing (For the Bouquet Toss at the Reception)

Many brides simply toss their wedding bouquet during the bouquet toss, but if you want to keep your flowers, you might want to consider another choice. This may be a scaled-down version of your wedding flowers.