What is Doljabi for Baby’s First Korean Birthday?

Doljabi for a baby’s first Korean birthday is one of the most anticipated parts of celebrating a dol. Doljabi is a tradition in which the baby is placed in front of various objects or objects. Then the baby is encouraged to take an item or two from the set of objects, with each choice symbolizing a particular future for the baby in relation to his or her career or lifestyle.

Traditionally, staples such as yarn (for longevity) or money (for prosperity) are placed in front of the baby. In this day and age, parents have gotten creative and place objects that suit their wants, tastes, or desires. Such creative objects could be a microphone for a singer / celebrity or a game knife and cutting board for a chef.

Doljabi is only part of this traditional celebration. There’s more to it than that! Read our blog post on the Korean first birthday tradition.

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