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What are the best colors to wear for family pictures?

Oct 4

You'll be thinking about aesthetics when you gather your family to take the family photo for this year. Everyone should look sharp, focused, and cheerful. You can use colors to your advantage when taking group photos. This will create a crisp, clear lineup that stands out. A great way to create unity in group photos is to choose a color theme. This will make everyone feel like they are all "on the same team," even though they may be from different homes.

Here is the detailed guide of Alyssa Orrego Photography to choose the most flattering colors for family photos.

Start Point: What not to wear in Family Photos

It is essential to be aware of the colors to avoid before you start looking for the right ones. It is important to remember that what looks excellent in person might not translate well in a photograph. You might want to avoid these colors for family photo sessions.

Neon Colors

Although they can create an energy-filled vibe in real life (and in photos), neon colors are distracting. Bright neons can be distracting and unflattering. A person who appears too red in photos might look "too pink" when wearing neon orange or pink.


Does not always show black in photos. You can see sophisticated reflections in the mirror if you wear an all-black outfit. Black can blend into the background when taken in group photos. Your family might look like a bunch of "floating" heads. You may not be aware that a black group photo can look much darker than you thought until you see the final product.


Indoor photo shoots can be challenging with white. White can look washed-out when placed against a dark background. Contrast can become too stark when set against a dark backdrop or black. Because of the natural light and earthy tones, white is often a good choice for outdoor settings such as parks or beaches.

The Colors That Work in Family Photos

What colors will pop without taking away the joy of your loved ones? You probably already have plenty of items that can do the job. Let's talk about the "core" colors used in family photos.


Gray photographs are a great alternative to black. This is the right color if you want to create sophisticated group photos that don't make your family look like they're floating. Gray looks great against a black or dark background.


Tan is another excellent color to photograph. It is a neutral color that helps to keep the focus on the subject and not their clothes; like gray, tan looks excellent against dark or black backdrops.


You don't have to give up if you love white. However, pure white is not always easy to photograph. An excellent alternative is a cream. The cream will stand out against a light background, unlike pure white. Because it reduces the "sharpness" of black on white, cream looks better when paired with a dark or black background.These colors are great for accents or as a base color. These basic neutrals are not the only great color choices for family photos. Some "vibrant" colors work well in family photos, as they are bold but not overwhelming.

Let's look at the top colors, which can be used together or alone.

  • Navy
  • Plum
  • Burgundy
  • Purple
  • Aqua
  • Coral
  • Pale yellow
  • Tan
  • Burnt orange
  • Rose/pink
  • Wine hues
  • Gold
  • Peach
  • Denim
  • Mustard

These colors are bright and cheerful without being too overwhelming. These colors can be mixed with accents and patterns to create a polished, elegant look for a family picture. These colors can be combined in many creative ways. You can create a blue theme by mixing aqua and denim. Combining light pink with gray and tan will make a "pink" theme look more appealing.

Debunking the Pattern Myth: Are you allowed to wear patterns in family photos?

Many mistakenly believe patterns can be too distracting or dizzying for family photos. You can make patterns well if you use some basic tricks. Plaid and striped shirts work well. Professional photographers will say that smaller plaids and thinner stripes are better for creating a scene with less color.

You can also use floral patterns. You don't have to put everyone in the same style. Strategically place only the youngest children in the photo wearing floral, plaid, or striped outfits. This will make it stand out from the "solids" in the adult model.

Family photos can include "busy" patterns. If you use too many ways, you risk looking like you are part of a Magic Eye scene. Use accent pieces only for busy prints or paisleys. These could be bow ties, scarves, or belts.

Say Cheese without being Cheesy: Last Thoughts on the Best Colors for Family Pictures

There is no set rule about choosing colors for family photos. You should be fine if you don't choose colors that will make your family look shabby against the background you have chosen. This usually means wearing all-black or all-white outfits.

You can create a more prosperous and dynamic look by choosing "shades of colors" instead of primary colors. This strategy reduces the harsh contrasts that make photos appear too difficult.